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Prices effective May 1, 2019


Members ages 12-15 require

Adult (18+) guardian  supervision




automatic withdrawal

Additional Memberships:

Day pass= $5

Week pass=$10

Couple or Dependent 

Member & Spouse or 1 Dependent

(12-23 yrs/old)




automatic withdrawal

Access Card:

First time registration fee=$10 

  • Includes up to 3 cards

New replacement card=$10

Used replacement card=$5 


Member, Spouse, & up to 4 Dependents

(12-23 yrs/old)




automatic withdrawal

ACH Prorate:

Day 1-7:  Single $20 Couple $30 Family $40

Day 8-14: Single $15 Couple $23 Family $30

Day 15-21: Single $10 Couple $14 Family $20

Day 22-31: Single $5 Couple $8 Family $10


How do I sign up for the 1st time?

  • Print off Registration Form and Waiver or pick them up at Rec Office.
  • Call, email, text, or Facebook message to set a time with Director.
  • Pay membership fee and first time registration fee.
  • Receive access card and facility tour.

How do I sign up for Daily/Weekly Pass?

  • Print off Registration Form or pick them up at Rec Office.
  • Call, email, text, or Facebook message to set a time with the Director to pick up temporary card.
  • Return card at end of stay. Cards not returned will be invoiced $10.

How do I renew my membership?

  • Place check or cash in dropbox outside of Rec Center. If using cash, please write name and/or card # on envelope.
  • Pay with credit/debit card during office hours.
  • Your card will not work if expired.

How do I reactivate my membership?

  • If you have not had a paid membership for more than 2 years, membership paperwork will need to be completed.
  • If reactivating membership but lost membership card, replacement card fee will be applied.

How do I set up Automatic Withdrawal?

  • Fill out ACH Agreement form (print or fill out in Rec Office).
  • Attach voided check to agreement.
  • If signing up in middle of month, remainder of current month will be prorated and automatic withdrawal will begin following month. Please refer to prorate chart for appropriate fees. 
  • Additional changes (adding/dropping members) must be completed before 1st of month. 

Membership Forms

Complete forms and turn into Rec Office

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