Maintain, Don't Gain


Our popular accountability program is back.  People with an accountability partner are 80% more likely to reach their goal and our goal is to make it though this holiday season without gaining the dreaded holiday weight. Weekly weigh ins, challenges, healthy eating and exercising tips will help you navigate the season.  Gain no more than 2lbs and you're a winner!  And new for 2019, Don't Gain: Max! for those wanting to amp it up and lose weight this season. 

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Biggest Winner 20/20

Everyone's a winner when they lose.

You're got a 20/20 vision of your 2020 goals. Start the new year off with our fun lifestyle changing program.  Each week will include different challenges to keep you on your toes.  Weight loss is calculated as percentages.  Groups are guy/gal this year. Plot twist. You're not only challenging other groups, you're challenging your partner. See full rules.  Team registration due Dec 27! $10/person; $5/2019 MDG participant. 

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